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Those in the market for a quality knife will certainly want to take a look at the product line offered by Boker. The company produces a wide range of knives, including everything from pocket and kitchen knives, to swords, knife blocks, and more. In addition to their knives, Boker also produces an extensive list of accessories such as flashlights, notebooks, pens, and even watches. This is a brand name with a long-standing reputation, so consider taking a closer look at some of their most popular products.

wide range of knivesNo matter what application you have in mind for your next knife, there is a good chance that Boker has the right model for you. Need a quality tool to accompany you on your next hunting trip? They have a variety of choices to pick from. Looking for an every day carry option that will fold up conveniently in your pocket? They have those as well. Also, if you need to purchase a tactical-style blade that you can use in the outdoors for a number of different tasks, Boker has models that range in price and design. It is safe to say that nearly every knife shopper will be able to find something they love when they shop Boker.

After doing all the hard research for you, we’ve put together our 7 favorite Boker Knives in the comparison table below.

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Boker Plus G-10 (our top pick)















There is a certain level of quality that can be expected when buying a Boker knife, and you will find that the price tag of these products reflects that quality. You aren’t going to see Boker products as the cheapest knives on the market, but that is for good reason. If you are looking for a bargain, you will likely want to look elsewhere – if you are looking for quality and reliability, however, Boker is a strong contender.

This article has been compiled to help you locate some of the best Boker knives on the market today. Hopefully, we will be able to save you some time by organizing all of these options on one easy-to-use page. After you have taken a moment to browse all five of the knives, you should have a good idea of what Boker has to offer – and you just might be ready to make a purchase. Happy shopping!

Top Five Rated Boker Knives

1. Boker Ts Copperhead Pocket Knife

Image of Boker 110723 Ts CopperheadWe start our list with a model that will immediately remind you of the classic pocket knife. In fact, you probably have owned something similar to this product in the past – although you may not have had one that was as nice as this option from Boker. With high carbon steel blades and authentic bone handle, you will love both the look and performance of this model. You won’t need to break the budget to acquire such a quality piece of equipment. With a closed length of less than four inches, this is a knife that certainly fits into the pocket category. You would easily be able to carry this knife as an EDC option, or you could keep it in your workshop for woodworking, basic cutting, etc.

The reviews for this product have been strongly supportive, with buyers commenting on how they feel that the knife is well-made and how they enjoy the sharpness of the blades. For a basic pocket knife that looks great and performs consistently, the Boker Ts Copperhead is worth of a closer look.

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2. Boker Plus Anti-Grav Knife

Image of Boker Plus Anti-GravThis is another folding knife from Boker and another one which has a compact design and straight appearance. It uses a frame lock mechanism to keep the blade in place, and that blade is ceramic – which allows it to be super sharp. A carbon fiber handle provides a light overall weight for the knife while still giving it the stability and durability to get the job done time after time. There is a pocket clip and a lanyard hole, so you should be able to carry this knife in a variety of ways to suit your needs.

Plenty of reviews have accumulated for this knife, and the majority of them have great things to say about the product. Users claim that the blade does a good job of holding its edge over time, and they also enjoy the light weight of the knife as a whole. For a product that you are going to carry on your person most of the time, this knife would fit the bill nicely. It also is praised for having great looks, and the blade moves smoothly in and out of the handle. Regarding dimensions, this knife features a blade length of 3.25 and an overall length with the blade extended of 7.75.

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3. Boker Plus Colubris Knife

Image of Boker Plus 02BO055 ColubrisUnlike our first two items on the list, this one is a fixed blade model from Boker. It features a solid build from 440C stainless steel. It has G-10 handle scales and a stonewash finish. Suited for pulling or slash cuts, this blade has a slightly upward curve and the knife can also be used as an impact tool. The overall length of the knife is 8 7/8, of which the blade makes up 4 ¼. As a testament to the sturdy design of this tool, it weighs a hefty eight ounces, which is significant for a knife of this size.

There is barely a blemish to be found among the reviews that have been left for this knife. Buyers love the solid feel of the product, and they are confident that this unit will hold up as the years go by. They also appreciate the quality sheath that is included with the purchase, although some felt that the lanyard hole in the knife was too small to be functional. Despite that minor complaint, this is a knife with plenty of supporters and it is one that should be on your radar.

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4. Boker Plus 01BO296 Kwaiken Flipper Folding Knife

Image of Boker Plus 01BO296 Kwaiken FlipperBack to a folding model, this Boker Kwaiken knife has a seriously sleek look and great performance to go along with it. A long and narrow knife, the overall length of the product is 8 3/8, although the blade makes up just 3 1/2 of that length. The blade itself is made from VG-10 steel, and there are titanium scales on the handle to help with your grip. Boker is confident in the quality that they put into their products, and as such, this knife includes a limited lifetime warranty.

A premium product, you will likely need to spend to purchase this tool. With that investment, you get a product that has received excellent reviews from previous buyers. While this knife’s performance is nothing to overlook, many buyers can’t help but compliment the great looks of the knife. It is a well-crafted piece of equipment that is sure to turn some heads, and its heft in hand is a good indication that quality components have been used. If you are looking for a knife in this price range that offers a combination of appearance and performance traits, the Kwaiken may be a winner.

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5. Boker Subcom F Folding Pocket Knife

Image of Boker Subcom F FoldingThis last knife on our list takes the term pocket knife to a new level. This is an extremely compact folding model, with an overall length when the blade is extended of only 4.5. In fact, the blade itself is just 1 7/8 long, meaning it has a limited list of usage. However, with that said, it can be highly effective for specific tasks, and it is made from a strong AUS-8 steel. The handle of the knife is fiberglass nylon, and the blade is 1.0 mm thick.

Those who own this knife love using it for everyday utility purposes. It is easy to slip into your pocket without weighing you down throughout the day, and it will always be there for basic tasks that come up which require the use of a quality knife. The Boker name brings along with it an expectation of quality, and most owners feel that this model lives up to that name nicely.

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To be honest, covering just five knives in the Boker lineup is only scratching the surface of what is offered by this trusted brand. However, we hope this article has given you a great starting point in your hunt for the right Boker knife for your needs. This is a brand that covers a range of both styles and prices, meaning that just about everyone should be able to find a Boker that fits what they are looking for in a knife. Feel free to browse the links above to get even more info about each of the knives on our list, and we hope will be able to come to a confident buying decision sometime soon. Thanks for visiting!

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