What’s The Best EDC Knife of 2020?

way from home to the office and back each dayIn this article, we’re on a mission to help you find the best EDC knife available in 2020. Sometimes, a name says everything you need to know. That is the case with this category of knives, as the term everyday carry perfectly describes the purpose of these tools. These are knives that are meant to be kept on your person each and every day as you make your way through life. Of course, that is a rather broad brush to use for a category, so there are a number of different types of knives that can fit into this definition.

Also, since everyone has a different daily lifestyle, a good EDC option for one person might not be right for another. For example, someone who works out in the forests doing manual labor may wish to carry a rather large EDC knife, while someone who makes their way from home to the office and back each day would only need a small folder. In order to get the perfect EDC for your needs, you will want to keep your lifestyle in mind while making your selection.

After doing all the hard research for you, we’ve put together our 7 best EDC knives in the comparison table below.

Comparison Table 

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In this article, we have taken the time to compile a list of seven of the best everyday carry knives on the market today. These are all knives that have received great reviews from previous buyers. You will notice that there is a wide range of price points covered among the various knives, so you should be able to locate one that fits nicely within your budget. Before we get into our list of some of the top EDC knives, however, we are first going to take a close look at the buying considerations that should go into this purchase. As was already mentioned, size is certainly one of the main factors, but there are plenty of others as well. Informing yourself on the topic of everyday carry knives before you buy one is an excellent way to make sure that you get something you are going to be happy with for many years to come.

Major Buying Considerations for an EDC Knife

In many ways, picking out an EDC knife is the most-important selection you will make for your overall knife collection. After all, this is the one that you are going to keep by your side day after day, so you want to make sure it is the right one for you. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of good everyday carry knives on the market today, so finding enough options isn’t going to be the problem. In fact, narrowing down those options is likely to be a far bigger hill to climb. While our list at the end of this article is going to be a significant help in picking out the right knife for you, the first step is thinking about what you are looking for in an EDC knife. A number of points should be considered – some of which are probably pretty obvious, while others may not have come to mind just yet.

1. Knife Size

This is probably the first point that you are going to want to consider in the process of picking out an EDC knife. How big do you want the knife to be? Are you mostly interested in being able to slip the blade into your pocket comfortably, or do you want a larger knife that is capable of completing some serious work? This is a completely individual decision, so there is no way that you can ask anyone else to make this choice for you. EDC knives come in a variety of sizes, so you should be able to pick out something that comes in the exact size you hoped to find.

Small EDC knives are able to slip into a pocket without a problem, while bigger knives may need to find a home on your belt or even in your backpack. Most people who are just going about a traditional everyday life in the city wont have a need for anything bigger than a pocket knife. A simple folder that only takes up a few inches when the blade is put away will get the job done nicely. However, those who spend a lot of time in the backcountry out exploring may feel the need for a bigger knife. Remember, when considering knife size, you want to take into account both the length of the blade and handle, as well as the weight of the product.

2. Whats Your Budget?

Budget plays a roleBudget plays a role in every buying decision you make, and this purchase will be no different. How much are you willing to spend for your EDC knife? There are two schools of thought on this front. One group of people will argue that since you are going to keep this knife with you everyday, you should invest enough money to purchase a quality knife. High-end knives can come with some pretty serious price tags, so you have to be committed to your purchase in order to go for a blade from a top brand.

The other line of thinking is completely the opposite. Some people believe that since you will be taking your EDC knife with you all the time, you are likely to lose it at some point. Should that occur, you would much rather lose a knife that costs cheaper as opposed to a knife that is more expensive. Also, you will be more willing to beat up a cheaper knife, where you might be hesitant to even use a high-end knife with a beautiful finish.

In reality, budget is a highly personal choice, so you will have to think about how much money you are comfortable investing in something that you may lose at some point. Perhaps, you arent that worried about losing an expensive knife. Or, maybe you are only comfortable carrying something that is cheap. Either way, pick out a knife that falls into a price range which you are satisfied with.

3. Reputation Matters

When looking for a knife that you are going to be able to depend on, you probably want to pick out a knife from a brand that can be trusted. While you might be able to find a diamond in the rough in terms of a knife that comes with an unknown label, the safer bet is to use brand recognition as one of your criteria. Even if you are focused on keeping your budget down on the low end of the market, you can still find knives that are offered from trusted brand names.

There are a few advantages to going with a major brand name in the knife world. First, you will be more likely to receive a quality product. Brands are not just created – they are developed over time, and the ones that become popular have risen to the top because they offer value to the market. In addition, top brands tend to offer better customer service, meaning you should have a good chance to have your issues resolved if any problems develop with your item over time. Not surprisingly, you will notice that our list below is filled with some of the top names on the market.

Benefits of Owning an Everyday Carry Knife

If you have not before carried a knife on an everyday basis, you will likely be surprised at just how many opportunities you have to use this piece of equipment. From cutting open boxes to getting into plastic packages and more, there are plenty of mundane uses that you will find for pulling out your blade. Also, having a quality knife could come in handy during an emergency situation, such as a car accident. If you have a blade within close reach when something goes wrong, that blade just might be able to help you make your way to safety.

Are you on the fence about buying an EDC knife to take with you day after day? Try this – over the next few days, keep track of every time that you could have used a knife blade if you have one available to you. More than likely, those occasions will come up more frequently than you might expect. Once you see just how often a knife can come in handy, you will be sold on the concept of purchasing your very own EDC.

Top Seven Rated Everyday Carry Knives

1. Buck Knives 110

Image of Buck Knives 110If you are looking for the quintessential pocket knife to serve as your everyday carry blade, look no further than the Buck 110. This is a classic knife, and you have almost certainly seen one of these over the years even if you didnt know it. The Buck 110 is a well-made product, it has a beautifully simple design, and they have been known to last for generations. To pick up a quality piece of gear that should be able to perform for as long as you ask it to, the Buck 110 is an easy pick.

With a piece of history such as this knife, the reviews are sure to be good – and they are. Buyers of the Buck 110 love its durability, the sharpness of the blade, and the overall quality of the product. The blade is 3 ¾ in length, and the folded length of the knife is 4 7/8. For what it is, they dont come any better than the Buck. Unless you are looking for a different style, or a larger/smaller blade, or some other feature, it is hard to beat the item you receive when ordering a Buck 110.

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2. Columbia River Knife and Tool 5290 Tighe Rade EDC Knife

Image of Columbia River Knife and Tool 5290 Tighe RadeThis second item on our list goes in a dramatically different direction, as this EDC knife presents a decidedly modern look as opposed to the classic appearance of the Buck. However, this knife still presents all of the performance features that you should be looking for, and it does so at a fair price. The full length of this knife is 7.88 when the blade is extended, and it weighs in at 4.5 ounces. The handle is made from polished aluminum, and there is a button lock to keep the blade in place. While this knife doesnt have near the number of reviews that you will find for the Buck 110 (not surprisingly), there are plenty of compliments to go around nonetheless.

Buyers state that they feel this is a quality product with a great looking blade that is easy to deploy from the handle. Others state that this knife is well-suited to EDC duty, which is obviously a positive note to report since that is the purpose of this article. For a great looking knife with plenty of supporters and all of the features you need in an EDC, take a look at the Tighe Rade EDC Knife from Columbia River Knife and Tool.

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3. Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife

Image of Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife with Speed SafeMoving further up the ladder in terms of cost, this knife from Kershaw regularly comes in at a fair price. Kershaw is a brand that many knife lovers will know well, as they have a great reputation in the business and offer a wide-ranging line of products. The Blur is a knife that has garnered plenty of positive attention during its time on the market, as it seems to live up to the quality standard that runs throughout the Kershaw line. With a 3 3/8 blade and a closed length of 4 ½, this knife is a convenient size for EDC needs.

Among the many compliments that have been left for this knife is the fact that is opens quickly, which is helpful if you are in an emergency situation. Also, buyers enjoy the quality of the build, the excellent materials that have been used, and the strength of the blade. This seems to be an everyday carry knife that is able to look great in your hand, but also can get the job done as well. For a modest investment, you can own a quality product from a great brand name – as far as EDC options go, the Blur from Kershaw is an excellent pick.

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4. Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife

Image of Gerber ParaframeWith our next item, we are going to go completely in a different direction with a knife from Gerber. This is one of the leading choices for you to consider if budget is your primary concern for this purchase. With the Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife, you get a compact product that will easily fit in your pocket with room to spare. The blade is just 2.13 long, and it can be deployed with a single hand thanks to dual thumbstuds. As a testament to the compact design of this knife, it weighs in at a total of just 1.5 ounces.

One of the comments that you will see regarding this knife is that it is a good value for the money. With a low price, you might not expect to get a great product, but Gerber is a brand that is known for offering nice gear at affordable prices. Buyers seem to think that this knife is a good EDC option, and it certainly fits the budget bill with its low price tag. To get your first everyday carry knife at a price that wont do damage to your bank account, check out the Gerber Paraframe Mini today.

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5. Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Knife

Image of Spyderco TenaciousAnother knife from a quality brand name, this Spyderco option has a 3 3/8 blade and a handle made of G-10. The weight of this knife is four ounces, so while it is heavier than the ultralight Gerber listed above, it still wont weigh you down as you go about your business for the day. The blade steel used for this product is 8CR13MOV. One of the nice additions to this knife that isn’t seen on many in the everyday carry category is the 4-way pocket clip which allows you to customize exactly how you carry the knife.

Above all else, it seems to be the value that the buyers of this knife are impressed with most. Some of the buyers are amazed at the quality of the product they were able to get for such a reasonable price, so that is certainly something to consider. You dont always get good value when you shop in the mid-range price bracket for knives, but users of this product seem to feel you do get excellent return for your money. Take a look at the Spyderco for yourself and you might find that it is a winner!

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6. Ontario 8848 RAT Folding Knife

Image of Ontario 8848 RATAnother everyday carry option that comes in with a reasonable price tag is the Ontario 8848. It is made from AUS-8 steel, it offers a blade that is 3.5 in length, and the total length of the knife when closed up is just 4.5. This model weighs five ounces in total, meaning it is slightly heavier than some of the others above, but it still isn’t going to add much weight to your pocket.

Just as with the previous knife, this is another EDC knife that is praised for the value it offers to the buyer. Without the big investment that is required for some of the high-end blades on the market, you can have a knife that is able to get the job done time and time again. Users claim that this model stands up nicely to more expensive units, has a sharp blade, and offers plenty of size to handle a variety of jobs. Check out the Ontario 8848 RAT if you are looking for an EDC for a great price.

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7. Benchmade 585 Mini-Barrage Osborne Knife

Image of Benchmade 585 Mini-Barrage OsborneTo finish up our list, we are going to turn to a brand that is reliable when it comes to high-end quality in the knife world – Benchmade. This is a company that offers some of the most expensive knives you will find, but they also offer some of the best quality available. In this case, the 585 Mini-Barrage is nice and compact, with a blade length of just 2.91. As you would expect from Benchmade, this knife is full of great features such as their AXIS locking mechanism and 154CM stainless steel for the blade. While this knife has a high price for a purchase, you will be happy to know that buyers who have already paid that price are more than happy with what they received in return.

The reviews for the 585 Mini-Barrage are nearly perfect, with complaints few and far between. The service of the Benchmade brand is praised, as is the size which is seen as being perfect for everyday carry needs. If you are happy to make an investment in order to get a great EDC knife, Benchmade is always a safe place to turn.

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There are plenty of reasons to carry an EDC knife, but you first need to pick out the right one for your needs. The list above covers many different prices and well as a variety of styles, so we hope that you will be able to locate one within the list that checks off all of your boxes. We appreciate your time spent reviewing our list, and best of luck shopping for the perfect everyday carry knife!

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