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Image of Buck 110The Buck 110 is a classic folding knife. Even if you have never owned one, you have probably seen one – or at least seen one like it. There have been plenty of copycats over the years due to the popularity of this item, but there is only one true original. Owning an authentic Buck 110 is a right of passage for any knife collector, but this is a tool that is just as good out in the field as it is in your display case.

A Living Legend

The Buck 110 is the rare item that is both a collector’s item and an active product which is purchased for everyday use. It has a long and storied history, but it is still in production and still sold in large quantities today. When you decide to buy a Buck 110, you will be able to feel like you are part of a great tradition which is likely to continue many years into the future.

Durability and More

It is the durability of this product that has made it what it is within the knife world. There are plenty of stories to be read about owners who have used their knives for twenty years or more with no problem at all. As long as the blade is cared for and sharpened from time to time, this is a knife that is built to last.

Features and Specifications

  • The Buck 110 features a blade which is 3 ¾ long and is made from 420HC steel.
  • When closed, the Buck 110 knife measures a total of 4 7/8 in length.
  • The handle of this knife is Dymondwood, and it has brass bolsters for a beautiful look.
  • Included with the knife is a genuine leather sheath with a snap closure.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

As you guess, this product has received thousands of reviews, and nearly all of them are raving. The durability of this knife is the point that keeps coming up over and over again, along with the classic look and craftsmanship that goes into the product.

Some of the reviews point to the fact that this knife seems to recall a time that has gone by, as very few modern knives are designed with this style and commitment to quality. Also, another positive point mentioned in the reviews is the fact that the blade is razor sharp right out of the box.

If there is one negative to find – and it is hard to find one – it is that the blade can be difficult to close. It may take a bit of pressure to unlock the mechanism that allows the blade to fold closed so that factor may be an issue for some people.

With that said, the fact that some pressure is required could be seen as a positive from a safety perspective. Since the mechanism that allows it to close is somewhat rigid, you can feel good about the fact that the knife will stay open until you want it to close.

Thanks to the legendary status of this knife and its long-standing place as one of the leaders in this market, it is easy to recommend the Buck 110. If you are looking for a folding knife which is good at what it does and looks great at the same time, you have found it.

It is always fun to feel like you are getting a chance to own a piece of history. Not only is the Buck 110 a highly functional tool, but it is also an American classic. When you slip this knife into your pocket or place it in your tool kit, you will do so with pride, knowing the tradition that stands behind this product.

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