Benchmade 710 Review 2020

There is a reputation that precedes the name Benchmade. These are well-respected knives that have carved out a niche for themselves at the high-end of the blade market. Benchmade is not the brand you reach for when you want to pick up something cheap and disposable – this is the brand you consider when only the best will do. Carrying on that tradition nicely, the Benchmade 710 is a beautiful knife with the classic Benchmade combination of performance and aesthetics.


Many folding knives on the market today are only designed to work on way – and that way is typically gear toward right-handers. If you are left-handed, or if you like working with either hand, you will appreciate the ambidextrous design of this knife. No matter which hand you are holding it in, you should have little trouble deploying the blade. This might not be an important feature for you, but if it is, you will love the advantage of being able to go either right or left handed.

Passes the EDC Test

Everything about this knife speaks to its ability to serve as an everyday carry option. The size is right on the sweet spot that most people would feel makes for a great EDC as it has an overall length of 4.90 when it is folded. It is lightweight, slender, and has a pocket clip to keep it in place. If there is a feature that you expect when you search for an everyday carry knife, there is a good chance that it is included in the design of the 710.

Features and Specifications

  • The Benchmade 710 has an overall length of 8.80 when the blade is deployed
  • The knife weighs in at 4.5 ounces
  • The blade is made from D2 Steel with a hardness rating of 58-61 HRC
  • This knife features the AXIS lock, which is a patented Benchmade feature that prevents the knife blade from opening while in your pocket.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

Any Benchmade knife that you find is going to have great reviews, and the 710 certainly fits that bill. The vast majority who have reviewed this knife are impressed with it all the way around. From the quality of the build to the hardness of the steel and more, there are plenty of compliments to go around.

Another piece of praise for this knife comes in the form of appreciation for the grip created by the G-10 scales on the handle. Also, users have loved the sharpness on the blade from the moment they took it out of the box. Not all knives – even high-quality ones – come particularly sharp right from the manufacturer, but owners feel that this one does.

One of the minor complaints that you may find from a few reviewers it is the tendency of the blade to rust rather quickly. This is a product of the type of steel that is used to create the blade, so this point should be considered before purchasing. With that said, there is an easy way to avoid any rusting on the blade – keep it dry and clean. If you wipe the blade clean after each use, there should be no trouble with keeping it in great condition over the long run.

It is not hard at all to recommend the Benchmade 710 as a quality EDC option. For those who are interested only in the best knives on the market, the Benchmade is one to watch.

If you like knives that are well-balanced, well-made, and well-respected by those who own them, you are likely to love the Benchmade 710. Take your time to browse a few different EDC options, but there is a good chance you will wind up coming right back here to make the 710 your own.

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