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You never know when you are going to need a knife. That is the feeling of many people, and it is hard to disagree. How many times have you been going about your day to day life and wished you had a small blade for some basic task like opening a package? If you are like most people, that kind of scenario presents itself rather frequently. Therefore, having a small keychain knife with you at all times is a great way to be prepared without having to carry any heavy or cumbersome equipment.

other tools included in their designAs keychain knives are close relatives of the traditional pocket knife, you will likely find plenty of models that have features which go far beyond just cutting. Many keychain knives have other tools included in their design, such as tweezers, scissors, toothpicks, and more. This greatly enhances the value of this tool when you add it to your chain, and you will probably find yourself reaching for it for one thing or another on a daily basis.

After doing all the hard research for you, we’ve put together our 7 favorite Keychain Knives in the comparison table below.

Comparison Table

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In addition to the versatility and usefulness of keychain knives, they are also rather affordable. You can easily invest a large sum of money in an every day carry knife, but most keychain knives will do a similar job for less money. Of course, they aren’t going to be able to do everything that could be accomplished with a larger knife, but you might find that you don’t miss those capabilities at all. Think about what you intend to use the knife for and then assess whether or not a good keychain knife will be able to live up to those demands.

This article has been compiled with the goal of saving you time in your search for the perfect keychain knife. The options below represent five of the best choices on the market today. Each has its capabilities, so it will be up to you to take a moment to think about which one is best suited for your needs. We hope that you will have a great idea of which model is going to be your next keychain knife by the end of this article.

Top Five Rated Keychain Knives

1. Snap-on 871008 Frame Lock Key Ring Knife

Image of Snap-on 871008 Frame Lock KeyIn the tool world, brand names don’t come much more impressive than that of Snap-on. Just the name Snap-on quickly indicates quality gear that is built to last. Therefore, you can pick out this handy keychain knife with confidence, knowing that it will be there when you need it time after time. You can use this knife as a key ring in keeping with the idea of a keychain knife, or you could choose to employ it simply as a pocket knife. With a folded length of 3 1/8, it is suitable for both roles. The blade of this knife is made from stainless steel, and it is 2 1/8 long. The frame lock design keeps the blade in place when it is folded up, and there is a pocket clip attached to the handle if you should choose to carry the knife in that manner.

As you would expect for an official snap on the product, this knife has great reviews. Users note that it keeps an edge nicely and that it is lightweight and easy to use. Some have noted how well it fits on their keychain, and most are impressed with the overall quality. For a basic keychain knife that will perform over the long run, the Snap-on Frame Lock is a solid pick.

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2. Small Mini Half-Serrated Key Chain Pocket Knife

Image of Small Mini Half-Serrated Key ChainThis is a model produced by Bartech Pro, and it has a number of unique features that warrant its inclusion on our list. First, it is even smaller than the Snap-on option, coming in at just 2.5when folded up. The blade is stainless steel, and it is also half-serrated, meaning you will be able to use a sawing action for some jobs when necessary. There is a thumb stud on the blade that you can use for easy opening, so getting the blade in and out should not be a challenge. You will find that this product is a good value for the money.

In fact, that seems to be the opinion of previous buyers, as the item has solid reviews to this point. Commenters state that it is excellent for things like taking down boxes or opening up packages, and they like having a knife available in case of emergency. With a small price tag and overall low profile, this is a product that perfectly fits within our list of top keychain knife options.

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3. Gerber Shard Keychain Tool

Image of Gerber Shard Keychain ToolOkay – so this is a bit of a stretch like the Gerber Shard isn’t really a knife at all. It is a multi-tool product that is meant to be attached to your keychain, but it deserves a spot on this list because of the various services that is has to offer. It has screwdriver capabilities, it can open bottles, it can be used as a mini-pry bar, and it even has a wire stripping feature. As far as working like a knife, it certainly can get the job done regarding opening boxes and busting through packaging, even if there is no actual blade to speak of.

Another reason that this product is worthy of our list is simply its incredible popularity. It has been reviewed many, many times, indicating that countless people have found this product useful. Users love its versatility, and they like having something close at hand should the need arise for quick repair or handyman-type work. Is this going to replace a knife in your personal kit of equipment? No, it won’t. However, as something handy to attach to your keychain for a number of uses, you will be hard pressed to do better.

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4. Maxam Falcon IV Lockback Knife

Image of Maxam® Falcon IV LockbackGetting back to knives that are actual knives, this model from Maxam is more of what you are probably expecting in a keychain knife. It is a total of 2.5 long when closed, meaning it should fit in nicely on your key ring. It extends to a 4.5 long when the blade is opened up, and you should be able to open the knife with just one hand. The blade itself is made from 420 stainless steel, and it measures 1 7/8 long.

This knife has collected a long list of positive reviews, with most stating that it can do its intended job successfully. Some appreciate the fact that part of the blade edge is serrated while others do not – that is a point on which you will have to decide for yourself. In general, buyers have found this product to be a solid performer, especially with a modest price tag.

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5. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools FF91-CP Micron 2.0 Tanto Knife

Image of SOG Specialty Knives & Tools FF91-CP Micron 2.0 TantoThe final knife on our list really lives up to the definition of the word knife, even though it is designed to be compact and fit on a keychain. This model has an overall length of 5 when the blade is extended, and that blade is made from steel, as is the handle of the knife. A limited lifetime warranty comes with the product, and the blade is a straight edge tanto shape.

You will find that this is another product with many great reviews to its credit. Most are happy with the quality of the knife, as is usually the case with an SOG product. Also, they find that it comes in handy more often than expected and that the blade holds its edge even after repeated use. Overall, this product is another strong contender for a quality keychain knife.

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One of the great things about buying a keychain knife is the fact that you don’t have to invest very much money in your purchase. For just a few dollars, you can come away with a quality product that will be able to cut through a variety of materials when called upon. Whether you pick out a classic keychain knife like most of the entries on our list, or you opt for something alternative such as the Gerber Shard, you will appreciate the convenience of having a tool on your keychain in a pinch. Please feel free to take the information above and use it as a guide in your shopping process.

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