Kershaw Skyline Review 2020

The Skyline is yet another quality knife that has been produced and brought to market by Kershaw. As any knife collector will know, Kershaw is one of the top brands in the business, combining value with quality like almost no one else. With the Skyline, they have created another popular blade that has impressed countless buyers and will likely continue to do so for years to come.

Everyday Use

If you are looking for a great everyday carry option, the Skyline is one model that you should quickly put near the top of your list. This is a knife that was made with convenience and comfort in mind. It has a slim body design, a 3 1/8 blade made from 14C28N stainless steel, and a sturdy locking liner.

Easy to Open

While this is not an assisted-opening knife, it is a blade that is relatively easy to deploy with a single hand. You shouldn’t have to worry about fighting with this knife to get the blade out –nor should you have to worry about it slipping in your hand, thanks to the textured G-10 handle. As an added touch, there is a pocket clip which can be reversed, meaning you can carry the knife in your pocket in either the tip up or tip down position, depending on your preference.

Features and Specifications

  • The Kershaw Skyline has an overall length of 7 3/8 when the blade is deployed, and the unit is 4 ¼ long when the blade is put away
  • The overall weight of the knife is 2.3 ounces
  • This product is made in the USA
  • There is a stonewashed bead-blast finish on the knife blade, giving it a distinctive look

Customer Reviews and Scores

reviews fall into the positive columnYou will find plenty of reviews for this product as it is one of the most popular EDC blades on the market today – and nearly all of those reviews fall into the positive column. Some of the comments that have been made about this knife compliment the light overall weight, the durable grip, and the slim shape which allows it to slide into your pocket with ease.

Another point that has been made by some users, which is a great indication of quality, is that this feels like a knife which should sell for more than it does. With a retail price that is affordable, many buyers feel like they got a lot of knife for their money.

Looking for a complaint about the Skyline is something of a futile task, but one minor issue that has been raised is that the blade may be a little difficult to open, especially at first. This has only been pointed out by a small percentage of reviewers, so it is likely not a big issue with this product. Overall, users seem to love how easy it is to deploy the blade.

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