Benchmade 940 Review 2020

If you are looking for an everyday carry knife, or EDC and only the best in quality and craftsmanship will do, take a close look at the Benchmade 940. This is a high-end product with a beautiful stainless-steel blade and slender design. The green anodized aluminum handle lends this product a great look and it also affords the knife a secure grip for the user.

Great Fit

One of the first qualifications for a solid everyday carry knife is its ability to fit comfortably in your pocket. That won’t be an issue at all with the 940. This knife has a closed length of just 4.47’’, meaning you will hardly notice it while carrying it around. Additionally, it has a weight of just 2.9 ounces, adding to its excellent portability.

Opens with Just a Quick Motion

The design of this knife allows it to be opened with either hand, as it features an ambidextrous thumb stud opener. With a little practice, you should be able to get the knife to deploy from the handle with just one hand – whichever hand you prefer to use. Benchmade is known for this unique design, and it is one that allows their knives to be more versatile than many others on the market today.

Features and Specifications

  • The 940 has a modified reverse Tanto blade, which is 3.4’’ in length
  • The blade is made from an S30V premium steel
  • This Benchmade knife uses their Axis locking mechanism for secure locking of the blade
  • A pocket clip is included on this knife, which is reversible to allow you to secure the knife as you choose

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are plenty of reviews to be read when it comes to this knife – but good luck finding a bad one. The buyers of this knife are nearly-universal in their praise for the product, even considering the fact that it comes at a high price point. That obviously hasn’t discouraged a long list of buyers who are quick to praise just about everything about this knife.

buyers report being more than happyAmong the common compliments that can be found on this knife are the points that you would expect to hear about a Benchmade product – the blade is sharp, the quality is outstanding, and it is up to just about any challenge that you can throw its way. In addition, the balance and light overall weight of the knife are also praised.

One of the only minor complaints that can be found regarding this knife is that the pivot screw for the blade may come loose after a period of use. While it can be put back, and potentially locked into place with a bit of glue, this is not something you would expect to encounter from a top-end product like those offered by Benchmade.

With that said, this point was not mentioned by many of the numerous reviewers, meaning this is likely a minimal problem at worst. The large majority of buyers report being more than happy with everything about their purchase. It is with confidence that we can recommend the Benchmade 940 as one of the best everyday carry knives on the market today.

The Benchmade 940 is essentially everything that you would want an everyday carry knife to be. It is lightweight, it includes a premium blade that is easy to deploy, it is sturdy and more. With the combination of a long list of great reviews and the reputation of the Benchmade name, it is pretty easy to purchase this product with confidence.

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