Cold Steel Recon 1 Review

With a name like Cold Steel Recon 1, you know this knife means business right from the start. And, judging by its looks, it does live up to that name. This is a serious looking knife, with a tactical-style appearance and a beautiful stainless steel blade. If you are looking for a folder with an attitude, you just might fall in love with what the Cold Steel Recon 1 has to offer.

tired of pocket knives that aren't up to the taskA Big Pocket Knife

If you are looking for an everyday carry option, this knife comes in just to the large size of that category. It isn’t too big for that purpose, although some will prefer to have a smaller knife for the EDC job. This product comes with a 4 long blade and an overall length of 9 3/8 with the blade extended. For buyers who are tired of pocket knives that aren’t up to the task of doing any real work, the Recon 1 will do an excellent job of breaking that mold.

Impressive Blade

A lot of work has gone into the task of preparing the blade on the Recon 1 for use. The stainless steel that is used for the blade is both vacuum heat treated and sub-zero quenched, meaning it should be ready to stand up to just about anything that you can throw its way. This knife is certainly not a toy – rather, it is a tool capable of helping you complete many tasks.

Features and Specifications

  • The overall weight of this knife is 5.3 ounces
  • The handle features G-10 laminate scales to create a great grip
  • The Tri-Ad lock allows the blade to stay securely in place
  • There is a black coating on the black of the Recon 1 which allows it to work through material with less friction than other blades

One of the best ways to learn about products before you purchase them is through the reviews, and there are some great ones left for this knife. Users of this knife claim that it comes sharp right from the box, offers good value for the price, and it stays sharp over time. The looks of this knife are another element that is praised by those who have purchased it previously. Of course, appearance is something that is in the eye of the beholder, but plenty of people have already stated that they enjoy the look of this product. If you are into the tactical-style that has become popular recently, you will likely appreciate the look of this item.

On the down side, there are a couple of complaints about the coating on the blade of the knife coming off after only a few uses. This coating is meant to help the knife work through material easier, but it seems as though it might not stay in place for long. However, that isn’t an essential part of the knife, and plenty of other users are pleased all around with their purchase. The potential loss of a bit of blade coating is something to be aware of, but it shouldn’t turn you away from this product altogether.

In all, we can recommend this knife on the strength of the value that it provides, the great looks that it offers, and the large blade which is up to the challenge of doing some work that other pocket knives may not be able to handle.

Cold Steel is a brand that is known for bringing quality gear to the market, and it would seem they have done exactly that with the Recon 1. For a folder with plenty of heft and a modern style, the Cold Steel Recon 1 is a solid pick.

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